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David J Shaw - Art

wildlife, landscapes, pet portraits and more

David J Shaw - artist - wildlife, landscapes, pet portraits

About me

I have spent most of my career as a teacher in both the primary and high school sectors (in the latter I taught mostly biology). For eight years I held the post of education officer at Blackpool Zoo. Since 2005 I have been running a home tuition business offering support in predominantly maths and English.

David and his early work

Art has been a prevailing feature of my childhood and adult life. With my father’s encouragement (he was a capable artist) I drew animals from being four years old. At Hyde Grammar School I took 'O’ level art but at that point formally parted company with the subject in order to pursue sciences at higher education.

However the desire to draw and paint the subjects which interest me has persisted. Natural History has always held a fascination for me and my work has typically been characterised by a ‘true to life’ approach in keeping with many wildlife illustrators. Nowadays my style is becoming more diverse, incorporating some looser, more interpretative pieces of work.

David J Shaw - artist at work

My ideas often begin as ‘doodles’ and in their spontaneity and freedom of line these sketches have an appeal which I am seeking to maintain in the final piece of work; working with pastel pencils is helping me achieve this. Additionally my work is moving towards an interpretation of natural history in the landscape with a strong emphasis on design and composition.

I live and work on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire where I enjoy walking my dogs in the rural landscape around the mouth of the River Wyre.