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About My Pictures in Watercolour

David J Shaw - puffins
David J Shaw - brown butterflies
David J Shaw - garden butterflies
David J Shaw -whites and sulphurs plus swallowtail butterflies


In May 2013 I visited the Farne Islands off the Northumbrian coast and took photographs of the abundant sea birds. Puffins are iconic creatures which manage to look simultaneously comical and sad. In this composition I combined coloured pencil with watercolour.

‘Brown’ Butterflies

This image, along with the other two butterfly compositions combines watercolour paint with pen and ink requiring detailed precision work.

The species depicted are (from top, left to right) wall butterfly, speckled wood, marbled white, hedge brown, meadow brown, small heath, ringlet and grayling. The plants shown are grasses upon which the caterpillars of ‘brown’ butterflies feed.

‘Garden’ Butterflies

These are the colourful butterflies which can often be seen in summer feeding on the nectar within buddleia bush flowers. The plants depicted are stinging nettle and thistle, again food plants of these species. (From the top, left to right) painted lady, small tortoiseshell, red admiral, peacock and comma.

‘Whites and sulphurs’ plus a Swallowtail Butterfly

This group is a mixed bag of the familiar and the very rare. Plants illustrated include cuckoo flower, fennel and clover. The butterflies are (from the top, left to right) orange-tip, large white, green-veined white, brimstone, clouded yellow, swallowtail and wood white. As with the other two compositions, pen and ink was combined with the watercolour.