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David J Shaw - artist - wildlife, landscapes, pet portraits

About My Pictures in Pastel Pencil

David J Shaw - mallards
David J Shaw - snow leopard
David J Shaw - eiders
David J Shaw - teddy bear The Artist
David J Shaw - teddy bear Bedtime Story
David J Shaw - teddy bear A Book At Bedtime


Ducks on water make for an attractive subject. I took many photographs of mallards on sunny day at Marton Mere, Blackpool and developed this composition from them. The swirling patterns in the water unite the elements of the picture.


Snow Leopard

By cropping the image to include just one eye and half the face I sought to achieve an atmosphere of menace while highlighting the big cat’s beauty.


These handsome ducks were photographed at the Wildfowl and Wetlands reserve at Martin Mere near Ormskirk. As with the mallards, a composition was established and since eiders are sea ducks, I placed them in a more maritime setting.

The Artist, Bedtime Story and A Book at Bedtime

These titles comprise a series of teddy bear compositions which feature actual teddies belonging to my daughter.